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Harry Styles Alphabet

A - Abs

Title: Steal My Girl (Rock Me Remix)
Artist: DJ Pyromania
Played: 62082 times






I have never related to famous, middle-aged men more


i want to know the story behind this gif what has harry seen to make him go from happy frog to NO so fast


Anonymous: have you written any thing for the next chapter of memory serves? can have a teaser line? please please pleaseeeee!


"Wow apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I see," I murmured as the two of us watched his father’s retreating form. Harry elbowed my side, a yelp of surprise escaping from my lips before flashing him shocked eyes.

"I like to think we’re not alike, can we please keep that dream alive?" Harry asked rhetorically while giving me a pleading glare. I smirked, a happy feeling racing through me at the satisfaction of knowing I pissed him off.

"Oh I’m sorry, are you questioning Sybil Alexander, co-owner of O’Briens pub?" I asked mockingly while Harry groaned in response. He pointed a finger in my face in warning, his best eyebrows raising.

"Don’t let your FAKE title get to your head. When he’s not around you go back to being tavern wench," Harry retorted, the corners of his mouth starting to pull up at his clever remark.

"I don’t know, mate I think we should re-decorate." I replied while eyeing the insides of the bar with judgement. "I’ve been asking Zayn to update this place for years-"

"You’re hopeless," he replied while shaking his head grimly.


I honest to god want to know how zayn puts it down. is he gentle??? does he like it rough??? does hearing you moan his name get him goin? is he loud in bed? a screamer?? do he got a good stroke?? or does he like it when you’re on top?? you think he likes to be tied up? or to be called daddy? does he like his hair pulled and to be scratched all up and down his back??? these are questions i need answers to

lakeypeterson: Thought we we’re going for a nice easy hike witch quickly turned into a 3 hour trek to the mountain top!! Haha fun times and good laughs with these three #PeterParks #JeffreyAzoff @harrystyles



Hello from Louis.

One Direction - Steal My Girl (5 days to go)


My friend made a petition to help try and stop the creation of the After Movie. Fans of One Direction should not want Harry to be seen in the light that After portrays him in. Every signature helps.

Sign the petition here


So yeah I am finally making my own group/network


  • Mbf me
  • Reblog this
  • Fill out this survey 
  • Be a 100% one direction blog (no multifandoms or 5sos blogs etc)

Why To Join?:

  • New Friends
  • A place to get help to vote and reblog posts etc
  • Promos

To Get A Higher Chance:

  • Be an active blog
  • Ship Niam
  • Talk to me

Being Accepted:

  • You’ll get an email asking to join the group
  • Once you’re in please post a photo in the group page of either yourself, Niam, Liam or Niall (the photo needs to be 100px wide and 310px height) and a small description of you!


  • I’ll be picking people every now and again (there is no deadline)
  • I will probably be accepting about 15-20 people 
  • I’m still working on some minor things like the network page
  • Message me with any questions!

christinamackenzie: What a giggle…@harrystyles pretending to be pregnant with me 4months pregnant and not looking it..thanks for looking out for me!#4monthspregnant #harrystyles @athinaandrelos